Consistent, networked solutions with Educase

Our solutions Educase and more 

Educase is the intelligent overall system for the school of tomorrow. As a Web-based, flexible solution that is constantly being developed, it forms the basis for all school-related processes and interactions. Extensive interfaces and professional project management enable customised installation and optimal operation.


Educase is a Web-based solution that can be used on-premise or in the cloud. In addition to the complete representation of school-relevant processes, the focus here is on user-friendliness, location independence and simple maintenance.

Educase functions include the following:

  • Personal management

  • Management of educational programmes and classes

  • Course management

  • Assessments and certificates

  • Absence management

  • Daily schedules

  • Music schools

  • Case management

  • Billing

  • Communication (bulk emailing)


Educase works as a data hub: information is gathered from or sent on to other systems via interfaces.

The most common interfaces include:

  • Webuntis / Untis
  • LehrerOffice
  • Kompass
  • SAP FI (HR)
  • Residents’ registration offices in Switzerland (Einwohnerkontrollen)
  • Abacus
  • NSP

Project management

Educase is installed by a professional project team. All of our project managers are certified according to the latest Hermes standard.

We work according to Scrum principles during development to allow us to remain flexible when developing the software further in short cycles.


We ensure that Educase works reliably and securely around the clock. State-of-the-art technology and sophisticated monitoring and intervention processes ensure that the software runs smoothly.

The software is hosted in a Swiss computer centre with multiple certifications. Data security is ensured by numerous measures that are in line with the latest findings and have been tested extensively.

Our solution is top class!


Our goal is to eliminate media discontinuity and to create continuous digital processes. These processes are clearly structured and thus make your everyday work easier.
We are specialists in digitisation and ensure that you have your finger on the pulse when it comes to digital transformation.



Nowadays, software has to be flexible. This means it is developed in short cycles so that it can keep pace with rapid technological and societal changes. Flexibility also means that we can continuously adjust and optimise our software according to your needs.



The significant added value seen in digital processes is found in the possibility of cleverly connecting elements and individuals. With Educase, we can establish an extensive network in which all information, tasks and individuals can be found and edited quickly and easily.



We provide you with the elements you need and network them with the other systems and processes that you currently use. This means that you only use the services you really need, thus ensuring that you work efficiently and effectively.